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Rosenbauer International is the world’s leader in firefighting innovation since 1866.

With more than 150 years of manufacturing experience, Rosenbauer is the global leader in firefighting technology and resources. Rosenbauer is the world’s largest manufacturer of fire equipment with eleven manufacturing locations worldwide.

In the United States, Rosenbauer America and is the second largest fire apparatus manufacturer based on sales volume. Rosenbauer’s product offering in the U.S. is the broadest, serving every major category including 35 different models of aerial fire apparatus.

The U.S. fire service needs to be prepared for the future to comply with tighter environmental standards. The fire suppression industry demands high powered vehicles and that is not changing anytime soon. Diesel engines developed at the turn-of-the-century are being actively phased out with stricter environmental protection laws. Major cities in the United States are beginning to pass resolutions, moving entirely to electrically powered vehicles.

Electric vehicle technology is a milestone in the history of transportation. In 2011, Rosenbauer began the research and design phase to create the Concept Fire Truck (CFT). Rosenbauer’s investment has not ended with this highly successful concept vehicle or the production version, the RTX which stands for “Revolutionary Technology” and is NFPA Compliant. Instead, Rosenbauer continues to invest in updates to the drive train, user interface technology and other fire service innovations to lead the industry into the future.

Rosenbauer anticipates megatrends such as global warming, demographic change, and urbanization, as well as the challenges these changes pose for fire departments. The use of electric drives has enabled the creation of a completely new type of vehicle architecture that is fully adapted to these future scenarios and sets new standards in terms of functionality and ergonomics. At a time when climate change and the effects of natural disasters are at all-time highs, the emotional and physical impacts to our firefighters and emergency services personnel simply cannot be ignored. Through the development of the plug-in hybrid electric fire truck, Rosenbauer sets new standards for the safety and wellbeing of our firefighters.

FESCO Emergency Sales is proud to represent Rosenbauer America in Washington, DC and in the States of Maryland, Delaware and the Commonwealth of Virginia. Please contact FESCO to learn more about Rosenbauer’s broad product line of vehicles and the innovations that make Rosenbauer the largest fire apparatus manufacturer in the world.

RTX - Revolutionary Technology
Current social and technical changes, such as shifts in demographic structure, digitalization, etc. will have an impact on fire service organization and technology. Accordingly, the Rosenbauer Revolutionary Technology (RTX) Fire Truck seeks to provide an initial response to some of the questions relating to the day after tomorrow.

How must a fire truck be designed in order to allow even more universal deployment? Nothing will change with respect to the need for robustness, freedom from defects and reliability. While the numbers of firefighting responses remain relatively stable, fire service operational statistics show a clear trend, as especially in municipalities and urban areas, units are increasingly involved with technical and rescue emergencies. Vehicles with a multifunctional range of equipment already represent the answer to these diverse challenges, but in the future this multiplicity will have to apply not only to the equipment payload, but also the entire vehicle. How can stricter exhaust gas regulations and the social demand for reduced pollutant and noise emissions be taken into practical account in a fire truck? This question leads inevitably to reflections upon the subject of alternative drive concepts.

Rosenbauer_RTX-US_Brochure-v5-Web-thumb-796x1024 RosenbauerRTX-Driving-THUMB Rosenbauer







Rosenbauer’s development engineers adopted a new approach for the Revolutionary Technology (RTX) Fire Truck. The chassis, driver’s cab and superstructure (with or without an integrated crew cabin) constitute a single unit, providing decisive advantages with regard to vehicle dynamics and stability, as well as a low height in tandem with improved use of space and greater crew protection. The crew and driver cabins are merged to form a barrier-free compartment, which can be modified for every operation. The RTX Fire Truck is therefore not a further development, but instead embodies a completely new approach. It is a design study that focuses on the claim to provide the functions necessary in the fire service field, while being more ergonomic, universal, and environmentally friendly than anything previously seen in the fire industry.


For the RTX, the developers at Rosenbauer did not just improve what was already there, but instead reconsidered the entire concept of the fire truck. The objective was to conceive the future of firefighting vehicles. And this goal was achieved: The groundbreaking innovations make the RTX the most modern emergency vehicle in the world.

The RTX has the ability to take up to a 150 kW at once which means that the batter­ies can reach full efficiency in almost no time. This means that purely electric and therefore emission-free, short-range operations are not a problem, even when used very frequently in big cities. For extended operations, the RTX’s optional auxiliary power backup system can provide continuous power without any performance limitations.

The auxiliary power backup system consists of a state-of-the-art clean-diesel engine and an electric generator. When more energy gets consumed than stored in the battery, the auxiliary power backup system automatically recharg­es it. The operating times of the RTX thus far exceed the requirements of NFPA standards.


The batteries of the RTX can be charged with three-phase alternating current from a high-voltage industrial socket, without the need for a special adapter. The high-performance high-voltage batteries also provide sufficient output for external consumers. Several external devices with a combined power consumption of up to 18 kW can be operated simultaneously via the power outlet.

When the vehicle comes to a standstill, the auxiliary power backup system’s engine is automatically deactivated. The lighting and equipment are powered directly by the batteries. This greatly reduces the noise level at the scene of the emergency, making it easier for the crew to work, reducing stress, and benefiting nearby residents. The RTX’s electric drive is not only powerful, but also emission-free. The batteries ensure that no fuel is combusted while driving.


Rosenbauer has not merely replaced the combustion engine. Instead, a completely new drive concept is revolutionizing the architecture of the firefighting vehicle, with numerous positive effects. The drive concept enables a lower center of gravity and a more balanced axle load distribution. This gives unprecedented cornering stability and thus reduces the risk of accidents.

Maneuverability is of the utmost importance for municipal emergency vehicles, especially in urban areas. With the RTX, Rosenbauer engineers have pushed the limits of what is possible. No other vehicle with comparable extinguishing and transport capacities has such compact dimensions or an equally small turning radius. Drivers of Rosenbauer’s RTX vehicles are supported by a large number of assistance systems that help avoid accidents in difficult situations.

– Electronic rearview mirrors with a significantly increased field of vision, to eliminate blind spots

– Full view to the rear thanks to an integrated rear-view camera and automatic object recognition


The revolutionary vehicle concept of the RTX offers both ergonomic and tactical advantages – for less physical strain on the emergency crews and for greater operational success. With a distance of just 10.2 inches between the road surface and the cabin floor in operational mode, it has never been easier to enter or exit a firefighting vehicle. The RTX eliminates the need for fold-down steps, ladders and stairs. This reduces the risk of injury and long-term stresses on the emergency personnel.


The crew cab is not spatially isolated from the cockpit; and the cockpit has a rotatable driver and commander seat. These two features enable a conference seating arrangement for improved communication.

The RTX is at the center of its own communication system. This includes an autonomous W-LAN network, permanent connection to the operations control center and the EMEREC data center, and even the integration of drones for aerial image-based analysis of an incident. It also features intuitive, easy-to-use touchscreens. In addition to conventional switches, a customizable actuation button ensures maximum simplification.


Especially in terms of firefighting equipment, the RTX can be individually tailored to the intended operational scope. Both normal and combined normal/high pressure pumps are available for the RTX. They can also be fully operated in battery-powered mode or, especially in the case of longer operations, using the diesel-powered range extender.

The position of the pump room has been moved forward in the RTX, creating additional equipment compartment with a low loading edge in the rear of the vehicle. This results in even more storage space at a low height, with heavy equipment needing to be lifted less often.


A clear view around the fire truck is a basic requirement for successful and safe operation. The integrated high-performance LED strips with their powerful luminosity ensure shadowless illumination of the operating environment and, in many scenarios, even make a light mast unessential. In addition, the cornering lights make it easier to see pedestrians when driving. This increases the protection of pedestrians and actively helps to reduce the risk of accidents on the way to the scene of the emergency.


Information technology is tailored to the Emergency Services and the RTX. Thanks to the Rosenbauer EMEREC system, emergency crews are continuously fed the necessary data, such as incident reports, building blueprints, camera images, and much more. In addition, the emergency crews can communicate both with one another and with the operations center. Rosenbauer provides constant innovations, even for existing vehicles, so the RTX will get even better with every software update.

For Rosenbauer, safety is a top priority – in every area. This is why special attention was paid to ensuring that – as a fully networked vehicle – the RTX also functions reliably digitally.

Custom Fire Chassis


Commander_thumb Rosenbauer

The Commander is a custom chassis that is feature-rich, providing numerous benefits that firefighters desire. Rosenbauer solicited input from active firefighters, fleet management, and fire chiefs.

The 4000 series offers engine models up to the ISX 15L 600 hp and the 4000 EVS transmission. The 3000 series is the economical choice based on the 99″ cab width.

The Commander chassis is available in three cab configurations (54”, 60” & 70”) and five roof configurations (Flat, 11”, 15”, 18” & 24” raised roof).



Warrior_thumb Rosenbauer

Rosenbauer’s Warrior custom fire chassis is ideal for departments with narrow streets or roadways. A cost-effective chassis offering four configurations between a flat roof or 8” raised roof with either a 54” or 70” cab length. The reduction to the overall 96” cab width came out of the engine tunnel providing a narrower cab without sacrificing the space for the driver and officer.

The all-aluminum constructed Warrior cab has seating for up to four crew plus the operator and officer. The Warrior offers the same structural design as the Commander Series with 3/16” cab sheet metal, heavy-duty full length enclosed A, B & C channels, and stamped aluminum cab corners.

The Warrior cab has a large single piece windshield with three wipers, and inside is a formed aluminum dash and overhead console. The Warrior has a standard point-to-point wiring system with an optional Weldon VMUX system available. The Warrior also has the same high performance HVAC system that is standard in the Commander Series chassis.



Introduced in 2022, Rosenbauer’s newest custom chassis, “The General,” is designed to offer customers a custom alternative to a commercial chassis. This lower price point, reduced content custom chassis was originally inspired for the Federal Government. Municipal customer needs became clear with dealer input, and continued commercial chassis availability challenges and price increases.

The General is an entry-level custom chassis for fire departments with tight budgets that require timely apparatus replacement. It is a pre-customized, pre-packaged chassis with pre-specified options. The General offers a high-value, low price choice with improved visibility, tighter turning radius with a cab over chassis, and hot-dipped galvanized frame rail option vs. commercial options. The General chassis is first available as a single axle pumper with a R-Series South Dakota 60” cab x 11” raised roof body. Additional tandem axle pumper and tanker vehicle types will be made available at a later date.


As aerials are a major investment, Rosenbauer designs for dependability, longevity, and serviceability. From the standard hot-dip galvanized torque tube and outriggers which prevent corrosion in hidden areas, and optimal galvanized ladder sections for the ultimate in corrosion protection, to the three-piece swivel for ease of service, Rosenbauer aerials are engineered and tested to stay in service for many years to come.

Aerials come in one of two ways hot-dip galvanized steel or painted steel. Hot-dip galvanized steel gives maximum protection against corrosion, making your aerial virtually maintenance free. We dip the entire aerial section and coat the tubing inside and out. Painted steel aerials have great appearance and strength. Either way, you get great value.

All Rosenbauer aerials must undergo testing by an independent third-party testing company to ensure you get the safest piece of equipment possible.


Viper_thumb Rosenbauer ViperSA_thumb Rosenbauer

Rosenbauer incorporated the latest technology to automate safety systems and simplify operations. You can rely on your Rosenbauer Viper aerial to make sure everyone goes home. Rosenbauer Viper Aerials are available in the following configurations (500 lb. dry payload capacity unless otherwise noted):

  • 60’ – 65’ 2-Section
  • 100’ 5-Section
  • 100’ 4-Section
  • 65’ – 78’ – 85’ 3-Section
  • 75’ 4-Section Single Axle
  • 78’ w/750# 3-Section
  • 100’ Single Axle
  • 100’ w/750# 4-Section
  • 109’ – 125’ 4-Section
Sample 360 VR Tour here!


Cobra_thumb Rosenbauer King-Cobra_thumb Rosenbauer

Rosenbauer Cobra platforms are ideal for rescues where there’s not a lot of room to maneuver. For maximum reach and capacity, make it a Rosenbauer Cobra Rear-Mount platform. For a lower profile and better overhead clearance, choose the Rosenbauer Cobra Mid-Mount platform.

Feature rich, the Cobra platform includes the Rosenbauer SMART aerials programming as a standard. Rosenbauer’s SMART aerials, provide unmatched features that enhance the safety and performance of the Rosenbauer Cobra. The SMART aerial uses CAN-bus and programmable logic control with encoder technology that monitors the aerials functions 16 times per second.

The King Cobra is an NFPA-compliant, articulating platform apparatus made for operating in tight areas, firefighters may enter the platform from as little as 10’ in front of the chassis cab. The King Cobra can reach up to 20’ below grade utilizing its 8’ articulating jib and the SMART aerial’s capability to extend 12° below grade. The King Cobra is complete with a 1500 GPM rated waterway and a rating of 1000 lbs. dry or 500 lbs. wet.

The 100’ King Cobra has over 250-cubic-feet of compartment space. It will be available in the Rosenbauer-exclusive EXT and FX aluminum or stainless-steel body styles.

  • 85’ – 101’ 3-Section
  • 75’ 4-Section
  • 104’ 4-Section
  • 75’ 4-Section Single Axle
  • 88’ – 100’ 5-Section


Tiller_thumb Rosenbauer

Rosenbauer’s tiller program offers multiple body construction choices, tillerman cab styles and corrosion resistance coatings for the aerial device.

Rosenbauer provides options to fit every department’s needs. You have the choice of NFPA compliant sliding or slam tiller cab doors. Safety is paramount; so Rosenbauer offers safety equipment, including a tillerman trainer’s seat on every truck, providing extra security during training by allowing an experienced tillerman to sit right next to the trainee.

The Rosenbauer TDA is available with a 100’ vertical reach, 500 lb. wet / dry payload capacity, and a 1250 GPM waterway.



ACP_thumb Rosenbauer

The Rosenbauer ACP offers a 55’ elevated articulated boom giving the operator the capabilities of an elevated waterway to ventilate and rescue. The ACP operates in the tightest streets and alleyways. With an overall jack spread of 11’9”, this truck can set up in very confined spaces. Wheelbase options as short as 170”. The articulation can rotate in the tightest parameters and can reach up and over those hindering obstacles.



Raptor_thumb Rosenbauer

With a single rear axle and a short wheelbase, the Rosenbauer 102’ Raptor is the quickest and most maneuverable aerial ladder on the market. Firefighters can set the stabilizers, raise the aerial 102 feet and rotate 90 degrees in less than 60 seconds. The additional capabilities of the Rosenbauer Raptor to operate on uneven terrain and nearly 20° below grade offer rescuers more versatility and operational safety than any other aerial device.

The high stability of the Raptor’s ladder assembly makes it possible to lift, rotate and lower payloads of up to 8,800 pounds. Additionally, the ladder offers bridging capabilities for mass evacuations.



T-Rex_thumb Rosenbauer

Equipped with a combination telescopic and articulating boom, the Rosenbauer T-Rex is the fastest and most powerful articulating platform in the industry. Firefighters can set the stabilizers, raise the aerial 115’ in the air and rotate 90° in less than 95 seconds! It’s fully NFPA compliant as either an aerial platform or a quint with a midship pump, 300-gallon water tank, hose storage bed and 115’ of ground ladders. Solid construction, multiple compartments, and a reliable chassis back up this versatility, so your department is always ready to serve.

Among the most advanced in the industry, the T-Rex platform features a full 96° (48° left/48° right) pivoting platform with uninterrupted pivoting capabilities regardless of jib-boom position. The T-Rex’s 18’jib-boom allows you to go up and over parapets where other aerials simply can’t go. Firefighters can ventilate roofs without stepping off the platform.



Roadrunner_thumb Rosenbauer

  • 51’ – 68’ 3-Section

Built entirely at Rosenbauer, the Roadrunner is a true multi-purpose apparatus offering the firepower of a full pumper combined with the reach of an aerial. The Roadrunner features a high-powered, wide sweeping nozzle capable of dousing fires from any angle and is available on a custom or commercial chassis with a variety of tank sizes. With foam system and chemical extinguishing options, the Roadrunner is also a powerful industrial firefighting device.

Rosenbauer fire apparatus have been leading firefighting innovation for more than 145 years. Rosenbauer pumper trucks are in-service around the world. The pumper is the backbone of the fleet responding to every incident as the first due piece of equipment. Rosenbauer offers more body construction options to consider than any competitor.

Choosing the right pump configuration is worry-free with Rosenbauer. Custom Side-Mount pumpers have dominated fire department fleets for decades and for good reason; they are tried and true. Meanwhile, the Top-Mount pumper is widely regarded as the safest location for your pump operator.

Pumpers_thumb Rosenbauer


Rosenbauer’s Commander custom fire chassis offers indisputable reliability. Engineered entirely with the goal of reduced maintenance stress, Rosenbauer broke away from industry practices by purposely using as many off-the-shelve components as possible.

The EXT heavy-duty body is perfect for extreme-duty, high call volume areas such as large metropolitan districts. Rosenbauer also offers the FX formed aluminum body option that has conquered the demands of hard work for decades.



The potential of reducing your overall vehicle length can be realized with a Rosenbauer rear mount pumper. Eliminating the large traditional pump house allows for a more maneuverable apparatus. Pump control panel locations can be crafted as a true rear-mount with all controls enclosed at the rear compartment, or as a curb-side configuration with the panel on the officer’s or the operator’s side of the apparatus.

Myth: Rear-mounts reduce storage space for equipment.

Fact: A Rear-Mount offers your department more compartment area for equipment storage, keeping the tools you need close at hand during calls. Rosenbauer is a top-tier manufacturer with decades of experience in customized equipment mounting. Your department will work with Rosenbauer design engineers to create an engineering schematic to map all of your required tools.



Rosenbauer offers apparatus solutions on all major commercial vocational chassis as this option offers departments financially flexibility. The benefits of integrating a commercial chassis into your next apparatus include the widest service networks across the globe. Nearly our entire apparatus product mix, excluding aerials, can be built on commercial chassis. There is no difference in the overall quality of the body manufacturing process from the pump install to the electrical system.



Timberwolf_black_thumb Rosenbauer Timberwolf_thumb Rosenbauer

The ultimate urban interface vehicle. The Rosenbauer Timberwolf is designed to meet both the requirements of a Type 1 structural pumper and a Type 3 off-road, wildland, fire-fighting vehicle. With a 1000 GPM multi-stage pump and a 750-gallon water tank, the Rosenbauer Timberwolf delivers the performance to meet the complex challenge of firefighting.

Design construction for extreme-duty applications, superior pumping capability with high flow, high pressure and foam applications, user friendly design with simple to operate pump controls, rescue style body for all kinds of equipment storage.



Maverick_thumb Rosenbauer

When you are in an area without hydrants, the Rosenbauer Maverick is the pumper tanker you need. Holding up to 2,000 gallons and with a 1250 GPM pump, the Maverick can handle most situations. It is an excellent initial attack pumper tanker.

The Maverick is a great apparatus concept for areas where mutual aid makes up a fair number of fire calls, with a fire truck that can be assigned to either water shuttle duty or if an additional pumper is needed.

  • Short Wheelbase Chassis – 186” Axle To Axle
  • 1250 GPM PTO Driven Pump
  • Rosenbauer NH Pump with Pump-and-Roll
  • Aluminum Body with Galvanized Subframe
  • Automatic Primer, Rosenbauer Exclusive
  • Swivel Style Dump Valve Extension
  • Large Tank Sizes – Up to 2000 Gallons Available
  • Rosenbauer High Pressure Foam System
  • Other Pumps Available



Rosenbauer offers the Commander custom chassis with 450 hp engine fire apparatus with an expected delivery date of 210 days or less. Departments have the ability to choose premium features such as painted roll-up doors, adding a foam system, and custom striping.

For a commercial chassis, Rosenbauer offers the Rapid Response series utilizing Freightliner M2-106 chassis with a 350 hp engine. Departments will select from premium apparatus options available based on current model year.

Custom or Commercial / Walk-in or Non-Walk-In. Every rescue situation is different; but Rosenbauer’s variety of body configurations and storage options gives you control no matter what. With custom, ergonomic designs, each rescue vehicle offers fast, easy equipment access and solid body strength. With these tools at hand, there is no situation you cannot handle.

Rescues_thumb Rosenbauer


  • Commander 4000 Chassis
  • Slide-out Tool Boards
  • Slide-out Equipment Trays
  • Electric Rewind Reels
  • EXT Heavy Duty Aluminum Body w/ Lifetime Transferable Warranty


  • Commander 3000 Chassis
  • FX Aluminum Body
  • Slide-out Transverse Equipment Trays
  • Rear Slide-out “Staircase” Access to Roof
  • 40 kW PTO Generator
  • Large Coffin Storage Compartments


  • Walk-In or Non-Walk-In design
  • Commander 4000 Chassis Two or Three-Door
  • Command Area in Chassis Cab, or
  • Command Area with Communications and Video Center (Walk-In)
  • EXT Aluminum Body with Lifetime Transferable Warranty
  • Optional FX Aluminum 3/16” Aluminum Body
  • 30 or 40 kW PTO Generator
  • Cascade System with Two Bottle Fill Station
  • Flip Down Compartment Steps
  • Powered Liftgate
  • Retractable Powered Awning


  • Walk-In or Non-Walk-In design
  • Command Area with Communications and Video Center
  • EXT Heavy-Duty Aluminum Body with Lifetime Transferable Warranty
  • Optional FX Aluminum 3/16” Aluminum Body
  • UHPS Fire Suppression for Quick Attack
  • Flip Down Safe Steps
  • 40 kW PTO Generator
  • Slide-out Equipment Trays
  • Slide-out Four Pack SCBA Carousel
  • Breathing Air Compressor
  • Cascade System/Three Bottle Fill Station
  • Refrigerator for Cold Drink Storage
  • Retractable Awning


  • Walk-In or Non-Walk-In design
  • FX Aluminum Body
  • Seating for Five
  • Transverse Compartments
  • SCBA Bottle Fill Station
  • EMS Cabinet Inside Crew Area (Walk-In)
  • Hydraulic Tool Reels
  • Scene Light Tower
When battling a fire, your equipment should be there to back you up. Rosenbauer custom or commercial chassis tankers hold up to 4850 gallons of water and feature quick, efficient offloading systems to douse any flame. Choose the tools you need and rely on Rosenbauer to help you fight the battle.

Tankers_thumb Rosenbauer

Dump Valve & Portatank Options

  • Manual Rear Dump Valve
  • 10” Power Dump Valve – Front or Side of Body, between Tandem Axles, or Behind Rear Wheel
  • Manual Rear Dump Valve with Swivel Extension
  • Manual Tube Style Drop Tank Storage
  • Manual & Power Enclosed Drop Tank Storage
  • Vertical & Horizontal Slide-In Drop Tank Storage
  • Power Drop Tank Storage above Full-Height Compartment
  • Power or Manual Storage in Hosebed
Industrial Emergency Vehicles
Because your emergencies are not typical, Rosenbauer custom builds each of its apparatus to include all the features you need to get the job done safely and effectively. Rosenbauer Industrial Apparatus are designed to meet each customer’s needs. Some available features include:

  • Rescue Style Compartments
  • Custom Command Areas
  • Comprehensive Communication Systems
  • Mobile Internet Capabilities
  • Wide Range of External Camera Options
  • SCBA Fill Stations
  • Breathing Air Compressors

Industrial-thumb Rosenbauer


Due to the unique requirements of Industrial Emergency responses, Rosenbauer offers a full line of custom and commercial chassis that meet the most stringent safety standards. This allows us to work within the operational and budget requirements of even the most complex apparatus purchases.



Whether you need an elevated waterway, articulating platform or a straight aerial, Rosenbauer can meet your unique and demanding needs with our full line of aerial apparatus, capable of flowing up to 4500 GPM from our wide variety of aerial devices.

Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF)
Rosenbauer’s ARFF vehicles hold unquestioned leadership for safety and function in the industry. This role speaks to Rosenbauer’s commitment, ensuring that each Rosenbauer ARFF vehicle exceeds NFPA 414 and FAA AC 150/5220-10E. The fact that there are more than 700 Rosenbauer ARFF vehicles stationed world-wide in over 25 countries testifies to the confidence that airports place in Rosenbauer products.


These are essential to providing fire protective services on airport grounds. The AIRWOLF series offers ARFF Class 2 & 3 vehicles. The Airwolf is standard with a 250 GPM separate engine driven pump system mounted in the rear compartment which provides customers with a shorter wheelbase and increased visibility of the fire ground for the pump operator.

The Rosenbauer PANTHER is one of the most successful, efficient, and variable ARFF vehicles worldwide. Its multi-award-winning design and powerful performance make it the most modern fire fighting vehicle of our time. The PANTHER concept stands for optimal system integration of chassis, body work and firefighting equipment.

  • Maximum safety
  • Impressive extinguishing performance
  • Excellent ease of use
  • Unparalleled driving dynamics
  • Incredible maneuverability and mobility

The PANTHER is available in 4×4 or 6×6 configurations to meet your particular needs.

ARFF-Panther_thumb Rosenbauer

Rosenbauer is raising the bar with the introduction of the Stinger High Reach Extendable Turret (HRET), technology which utilizes a single multi-function joystick for boom, pierce, and nozzle control.

  • The Stinger is the only HRET available with these unique versatile functions. Add to that Rosenbauer’s exclusive position and shoot system (PASS) providing 90 degrees up or down piercing capability of the Stinger tip. Hydraulic injection of the Stinger provides positive piercings and lessens the chance of failures in present HRET designs.
  • Off angle piercings up to 30 degrees without the need for the Stinger to be in line with the boom allows the driver more leeway when positioning the vehicle to the aircraft. Multiple angles open new avenues in aircraft piercing possibilities.
Rosenbauer Factory-Owned Demos
RosenbauerDemosLink-1024x239 Rosenbauer
RosenbauerBESTClick-1024x398 Rosenbauer

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