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Firovac Power Systems designed the first vacuum apparatus specifically for fire service in 1985 at the request of New Pittsburg (OH) Fire Department. After careful research and design, the 1st “Firovac” was built.

It soon became evident that vacuum was the answer to quicker and easier loading and unloading of water without the needless expenditure of pumpers or additional personnel. Firovac™ Power Systems has continued to expand operations to keep up with the increased demand for Firovac™ Fire Trucks.

Firovacs are available with Polished Aluminum Tanks and Aluminum Bodies and a wide variety of compartment choices. All Firovac Fire Trucks come with a 15-year non prorated corrosion (rust) perforation warranty, and a lifetime warranty against leaks. Continuing to provide innovative products to complement Firovac’s superior flow rates and performance, more innovative products have emerged such as:

  • High Volume – Low Level (HV-LL) Transfer Strainer that will not lift off the floor of a portable drop tank.
  • Patented Floating Strainer
  • Power Portable Tank Bracket with 2 Portable Tanks
  • Polymer applied to the interior of all tanks
  • Interior coating in all compartments
  • Rubberized undercoat of everything

Firovacs are designed to be a one-man operation. All Fire Pumps are set up with “Pump and Roll” capabilities, which provides the ability to drive up to 40 MPH and discharge water for grass, field, brush, and ditch fires.

Firovac™ Trucks are Truly Made by Firefighters for Firefighters!

The Raven
  • Most economical model with minimal compartmentation.
  • Exposed elliptical tank
  • Exposed hose storage
The Hawk
  • Exposed elliptical tank
  • Lower aluminum body compartments & transverse rear compartment
  • Fully enclosed hose storage the length of the unit on each side
  • Diamond plate deck
The Eagle
  • Fully enclosed elliptical tank
  • Full height compartments on driver side
  • Officer side has hydraulically-powered dual drop-down tanks
  • One for fill site and one for truck side

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