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Emergency Vehicles, Inc. (EVI) has been specializing in the custom design and manufacturing of quality Fire Apparatus to meet the individual needs of its customers since 1971. All our units are custom built and designed with the customer being consulted throughout the design and fabrication process. This guarantees that each vehicle is completed to your individual needs, and requirements.

In September of 1999 EVI opened its new 50,000 square foot facility in Lake Park, Florida. This modern facility contains everything needed (all under one roof) to fabricate any type of vehicle. EVI’s vehicles serve both small communities and large cities across the nation. From the smallest to the largest, each unit is produced utilizing EVI’s vast experience and proven construction methods.

EVI invites you to take a look at its line of custom vehicles. FESCO’s sales representatives will work closely with your department to define your needs and suggest specific options and designs that will make your new vehicle a valued asset to your community.

Emergency Vehicles, Inc. is a GSA Schedule Contract Holder (#GS-30F-0005R), and has vehicles ready for immediate delivery. Contact FESCO today to find out how we can put our experience to work for you! FESCO will give you an unequaled opportunity to purchase a vehicle designed around your operation & needs and within your budget.


EVI Heavy Rescue Vehicles are designed and built to transport specialized equipment to scene sites. EVI offers walk-in and walk-around Heavy Rescue designs with outside compartments, roof access with compartments, portable lighting, generator, salvage/overhaul equipment, and much more.

EVI Medium Rescue Vehicles can be manufactured with limitless options. Some of the features in EVI Medium Duty Rescues include portable lighting, generator, salvage/overhaul equipment compartments, slide out compartments, walk-in work area or walk-around set up and much more.

Light Rescue Apparatus offer an easy and feasible option for Fire Departments to carry all their extrication tools and equipment quickly to an active scene. EVI offers limitless customization options with their Light Rescue Vehicles from walk-in and walk-around modular bodies, light towers and portable light, compartments and cabinets built for each hardware, drop down trays, awnings, to crew cab setup.

Quick Attack

EVI Quick Attack Fire Apparatus offer Fire Departments a versatile option to allow quick arrival on scenes and are easy to maneuver into tight spaces. Some of the features on the Quick Attack Fire Apparatus include walk-around configurations, cab work/command area, roll up doors, scene lights, pull out trays, generator, tripod lights, and much more.


EVI Hazardous Materials Vehicles, also known as Haz-Mat Trucks or Hazardous Material Apparatus, are utilized by Fire Departments to respond to calls involving potentially hazardous materials. EVI offers Haz-Mat Trucks with walk-in or walk-around configurations, portable lighting, generator, salvage/overhaul equipment, and much more.

Command Units

EVI Mobile Command & Communication Centers are designed and built to offer infinite options and features, which include but not limited to slide outs, awnings, crew cabin, emergency lights, light towers, antennas, satellite dish, outside compartments, dispatch area, outside work station, TVs, radio communications, and much more.

EVI Communication Units are designed and built to provide communication support on scene sites. EVI offers Communication Trucks with walk-in air control work area, satellite and antennas, slide outs to provide more work room, and much more.


EVI Custom Trailers can be designed and built for multiple uses and feature include walk-in and walk-around configurations, outside and roof compartments, slide out and slide down equipment trays, air control work area/station, incarceration cells, pull down roof ladders, generators, tripod LED lights, awnings, and much more.

    Dive / Water Rescues

    EVI Dive / Water Rescue Vehicles are designed and built for rapid response to dive rescue, swift water/flood rescue, and recovery services. These services are extremely important in water-related rescue as well as bringing home victims of drowning and assisting law enforcement agencies in recovering evidence that helps bring justice to crime victims.

    EVI offers Dive / Water Rescue Trucks with decontamination stations, electric winch, portable lighting, generator, salvage/overhaul equipment, and much more.


      EVI offers an unlimited array of custom emergency vehicles. With proven manufacturing techniques, EVI can manufacture your true custom specialty vehicle to fit your exact specific needs to better serve the community. EVI can custom design and manufacture tractor trailers, SUVs, and all size trucks. EVI has built Specialty Vehicles including Canteen Trucks, Hazmat Decontamination Truck, Emergency Service Units, Incident Response Vehicles, Helicopter Support Unit, Battalion Command Tractor Trailers, and much more.

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