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Graphics Services

FESCO utilizes the latest Roland EcoSolvent and Gerber Edge2 technology. We use your artwork to match your existing fleet, or our in-house designer will help you brand your organization. We strive to make your design ideas a reality and make your vehicle a showpiece. FESCO’s Engraving Capabilities offers a wide variety of signage options on metal or plastic material with advanced software capabilities for designing your tags, labels, parts, control panels, etc. Graphics are applied in our climate-controlled New Delivery Bay by our professional installation specialists.

Our graphics team will create a custom layout to your specifications. To meet your needs, we can utilize any combination of custom lettering, custom striping, or full or partial vinyl wraps. Our digital color matching system insures we get the color correct no matter how unique. Our various equipment and skills are combined to make your vehicle look exactly how you envision.

Vehicle Wraps

Custom vinyl wrapping provides unlimited design potential for your vehicle. FESCO has made a significant investment in graphics equipment to provide the highest quality in vehicle wraps and applied graphics. We use advanced technology such as a Roland large-format printer and only high-quality, durable 3M and Oracal vinyl wrap materials.

FESCO’s vibrant and durable vehicle graphics are sealed with an ultraviolet-protective lamination to maintain luster and prevent discoloration from the sun or other atmospheric exposure. We use perforated vinyl over vehicle windows to complete the graphic design without blocking visibility. A custom full or partial full-color wrap will transform a vehicle.

FESCO has provided vehicle wraps for ambulances, chief’s vehicles, utility vehicles, commercial vehicle fleets and passenger cars.

Custom Graphic Services


Custom Signs & Placards

FESCO has invested in a Vision Engraving System to create custom signs & placards for fire apparatus and emergency vehicles. We produce your design using various engraving material with multiple color combinations. Examples range from labels for a pump panel or engine area, to custom key chains.



Chevron striping is a series of contrasting lines in the shape of a V or an inverted V used as safety patterns on vehicles. Chevron patterns have been borrowed directly from emergency vehicles in the UK; and they have become the default rear safety marking for the United States.

Chevron usage has increased dramatically as the U.S. NFPA 1901 (National Fire Protection Association) voluntary standard recommended all new fire apparatus to have at least 50% of the rear of the truck covered with six-inch red/yellow alternating stripes in a chevron (inverted V) pattern. This was extended to ambulances and there is now an abundance of vehicles being fitted with chevrons as a visual safety device.


Custom Decals & Stickers

FESCO makes decals & stickers to meet all of your needs. We can match your historic design or create a new design to your ideas. Whether it is a company badge for the door of your ambulance or window stickers to provide as marketing giveaways, FESCO can do it! FESCO can use a variety of materials to match your intended use. We use high-durability vinyl for long-lasting decals and engine bay stickers, or cost-effective materials for stickers that are not mission-critical.


Custom Striping

FESCO has the experience to design and install any custom striping pattern. Over the years, we have installed horizontal and angled stripes, ‘S’ curves, ‘Z’ stripes and “Upsweep” stripes. Typical stripes range in size from less than an inch to 12 inches and we can add accent stripes to enhance to your vehicle’s visual appeal. We know how to transition from chassis to body and around compartment doors and handles so that every detail looks perfect.


Custom Lettering

Custom lettering is available for all vehicles. We can produce your company name in any font using a single or multiple color design with variations of shadow, stroke or arc. Adding a safety message or your company’s web address to you vehicle is simple. We use the highest-quality 3M vinyl with a UV-protective coating. This prevents fade from the sun or atmospheric elements. We can also install gold-leaf lettering for the classic look.


Battenburg Stripes

Battenburg markings are a pattern of high-visibility markings developed in the United Kingdom and used in several European countries. The Battenburg design typically has two rows of alternating rectangles along the sides of a vehicle. The Battenburg design uses the contrast between a light and a dark color to increase conspicuity for the human eye. The lighter color is daylight-fluorescent (such as fluorescent-yellow) and provides for better visibility in daytime. The complete pattern is retro-reflective using 3M Diamond Grade or Scotchlite material to provide night-time visibility. Battenburg Marking are considered more effective than Sillitoe checkered square markings as the Sillitoe checkers can make the vehicle harder to visualize. Hybrid designs are usually a mixture located somewhere between Battenburg, Sillitoe and fluorescent formats. Sillitoe and hybrid marking schemes do not have the high visibility/conspicuity of Battenburg markings.

Digital Color Matching

When a customer has a unique color to be incorporated in its graphics package, FESCO can match it. We use graphics software and the Pantone color matching system to analyze and duplicate the color you specify.

We have also invested in the X-rite i1 Pro digital color matching system to provide a professional-level spectral color measurement solution offering spot color measurement and print quality assurance. We can “read” a paint chip or a color directly off a vehicle to insure we get the color correct.



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