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FESCO offers a full line of law enforcement specialty units that are available for customization to your department’s needs. FESCO represents the finest manufacturers that manufacture custom-designed and purpose-built vehicles from Sprinter Van conversions to the largest Command & Communication and equipment transport apparatus. As law enforcement and 1st responders face increasing threats, our manufacturers have responded by incorporating ballistic protection and other important safety features.

Planning, directing, and controlling your operations is safer, easier, and more efficient with the right equipment and apparatus. Our turn-key approach to serving your department means that from design, equipment specs, custom graphics, delivery, and life-of-the-vehicle maintenance, FESCO is your trusted source.

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Mobile Command & Communication
Mobile Command & Communication units offer interiors that vastly expand your operational space. Customized to provide your agency with on-scene communications and support including walk-in work areas, satellite, and antennas. Communications networking set-up is fully automated and ready to receive and broadcast within minutes.

Mobile Command units can be customized to provide your department with weather-protected meeting areas with left and right side slide outs for more room, radio communication equipment, WIFI hubs, restrooms, portable & scene lighting, etc. Available additions Include coffee and snack bars, awnings for outdoor comfort and exterior compartments to carry additional equipment.

Surveillance Vehicles
Vehicle based surveillance has become highly sought after for law enforcement, government agencies, military and private sector organizations for monitoring behavior and activities. FESCO provides reliable, custom surveillance vehicle solutions charged with mobile observation and investigative duties, both overtly and covertly. Surveillance technology equipment can be integrated into any vehicle type; and much of the technology can be removable and located in different vehicles. Secure remote connectivity allows operators to view, control and record the video systems onboard from any location.
Investigation of potential crimes or incidents requires mobility and continuity. With the ability and the expertise to customize any vehicle, our manufacturers build investigation vehicles for mobile forensic and cyber investigation, accident investigation, evidence collection, arson investigation, and more. FESCO delivers high-quality and reliable Investigation vehicles that will help you successfully achieve your mission.
Tactical / SWAT

FESCO designs vehicles of any size and on any platform for Tactical Response operations of any scope. Our manufacturers build nimble and innovative light-duty SWAT and Tactical vehicles that provide agencies with a reliable and effective means to transport teams with specialized training to incidents such as hostage crisis, standoffs, riot, or large-scale demonstrations.

Customizable features of the Tactical / SWAT units include storage benches, outside compartments, roof compartments, walk-in air-conditioned work areas, communications equipment, light towers, etc

Crime Scene Unit

Custom designed to provide your Crime Scene team with generators, water supply, a fuming chamber with exhaust fan, copy stands for photography, computer work stations and more. Stainless steel countertops and diamond plate flooring making clean up easy. Outside compartments increase the capacity to store equipment needed on site.

Bomb / EOD

Available with left and right side slide-out rooms, Hackney EV’s customizable interiors for command and control vehicles vastly expand your operational space. Communications networking set up is fully automated and ready to receive and broadcast within minutes.

DUI Unit

DUI Enforcement Units for roadside sobriety checkpoints can be customized for mobile processing and booking. Additional features can include incarceration cells, A/C control work areas, radio and dispatch work stations, scene lights, outside compartments and more.


Custom trailers can be designed with your department’s needs in mind. Hazmat, USAR and Command are just a few of the types of trailers we’ve built for customers. Features can include walk-around or walk-in configurations, outside and roof compartments, equipment trays, generators and more.

Step Vans

True custom light or medium duty step vans can be made to fit your exact specifications and the needs of your community.

Ballistic Vehicle Armor

Ballistic Vehicle Armor is designed and manufactured in the USA according to strict quality guidelines, using state of the art manufacturing equipment and processes. Built to exceed military and law enforcement standards, ballistic vehicle armor is designed to withstand multiple types of threats based on level of protection. Ballistic vehicle armor helps to improve the chances of survival from ballistic, shrapnel, blasts and other destructive threats.

Ballistic vehicle armor is available as a Level IIIA, Level III++, or Level IV ballistic shell. This armor is designed and can be custom-installed in various vehicle makes and models from civilian to military vehicles, and is designed to be covert, even to a well-trained eye.

Available in a UL-listed fire rating
Custom fit panels and glass
Protects vehicle passenger compartment from various threats
Prevents assailants from gaining access to protected area
Withstands multiple weapon threats (blasts, axe, shrapnel, bullets or other destructive devices)
Ability to shield engine compartment from ballistic threats
Can be installed in new or existing vehicles.

These vehicles are representative of design possibilities…..

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