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Hackney Law Enforcement

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It has always been about space! That was the case in 1986 when a HazMat captain stopped at a local convenience store for coffee on the way to start his next shift. He found himself standing in front of a Hackney delivery truck with coffee in hand staring into a cavernous compartment. He was amazed at the depth of the compartment and the amount of storage space. It was the solution the department had been looking for to transport the vast amount of equipment associated with hazardous materials response. A call was placed. A HazMat truck was built and delivered. And the rest is literally history.

Since those days, Hackney has become the leading manufacturer of emergency support vehicles (ESV) in North America. The scope of the products offered covers everything from rescues responding to medical emergencies and traffic accidents, to technical rescues that respond to collapsed buildings and other catastrophic events, to hazardous materials incidents, to the manufacturing of purified breathing air on-scene, to law enforcement tactical response teams and EOD responses, and all the way to mobile command and communications centers that provide interoperable communications and logistical support.

What makes a Hackney unique and why it has the most cubic foot storage capacity per body inch is the field-proven drop/pinch frame and integrated roll-up doors. The combination of these two unique features creates a body or trailer without an inch of wasted space. Hackney produces a myriad of emergency support vehicles. With over 65 years of body building experience, the Hackney team is more than capable of assisting the emergency services industry with developing an ESV specifically designed for your department’s mission-critical response, not something that was designed to serve someone else’s purposes.

Yes, it is about space. But, it is also about value and incredible durability, all of which comes standard with every Hackney.

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Homeland Security

Hackney EV’s customizable options give you the flexibility you need – maximize storage capacity with instant access to vital equipment, no cumbersome doors/door tracks, adjustable shelving, LED recessed track lighting that won’t impede storage space, below frame-level floors, and drop-down step platforms are just a few ways to economize your space. Communications and AV integration options are also customizable.

Mobile Command

Available with left and right side slide-out rooms, Hackney EV’s customizable interiors for command and control vehicles vastly expand your operational space. Communications networking set up is fully automated and ready to receive and broadcast within minutes.

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