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Techops Law Enforcement

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TechOps Specialty Vehicles is a leading integrator of complex, multi-platform solutions for Public Safety, Critical Infrastructure, Federal Agencies, and DOD. Public and private organizations leverage TechOps’ engineering expertise when seeking advanced communication solutions, specialty vehicles and enterprise services.

Specializing in the design, development, and implementation of tactical IP-Centric communications, TechOps Specialty Vehicles provides turnkey solutions for Voice, Video and Data in support of Incident Command and Communications. Using these tools, emergency responders and crisis leadership can rapidly establish essential command presence, resource control, and communication inter-operability allowing for critical situational awareness, response and mitigation.

Quality and reliability are at the forefront of every Specialty Vehicle that TechOps Specialty Vehicles designs, builds or retrofits. TechOps will design and build innovative and effective solutions for your agency or organization’s diverse needs in any mobile environment. As each agency, organization or team is different, TechOps’s solutions are customized to meet your specifications and mission requirements.

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Surveillance Vehicles

Vehicle based surveillance has become highly sought after for law enforcement, government agencies, military and private sector organizations for monitoring behavior and activities. TechOps provides reliable, custom surveillance vehicle solutions charged with mobile observation and investigative duties, both overtly and covertly. Surveillance technology equipment can be integrated into any vehicle type; and much of the technology can be removable and located in different vehicles. Secure remote connectivity allows operators to view, control and record the video systems onboard from any location.

Tactical / SWAT Vehicles

TechOps designs vehicles of any size and on any platform for Tactical Response operations of any scope. TechOps builds nimble and innovative light duty SWAT and Tactical vehicles that provide agencies with a reliable and effective means to transport teams with specialized training to incidents such as hostage crisis, standoffs, riot, or large-scale demonstrations.


Investigation of potential crimes or incidents requires mobility and continuity. With the ability and the expertise to customize any vehicle, TechOps delivers high-quality and reliable Investigation vehicles that help you successfully achieve your mission. TechOps builds investigation vehicles for mobile forensic and cyber investigation, accident investigation, evidence collection, arson investigation, and more.

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