Michael Seabright

Regional Sales Manager

Michael Seabright is responsible for ambulance and fire apparatus sales throughout central Virginia, parts of Western Maryland and parts of West Virginia.

Mike worked for Lamar Sloan Ford in Winchester, Virginia in the parts and service department before starting his first career with The Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department.  He worked for FESCO as a part-time sales associate starting in the summer of 1984.   He retired from Fairfax County and became a full time Regional Sales Manager with FESCO Emergency Sales in June of 2000. 

Mike has volunteered with the Friendship Fire Company (Winchester, VA) for over 25 years and has earned Lifetime Membership Status.  Throughout his volunteer career, he has received the Friendship Fire Company Outstanding Member Award, Outstanding Fire Fighter of the Year Award, WINC Radio Outstanding Member for Service to the Community, Winchester-Frederick County Jaycees Young Fire Fighter of the Year Award, Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department Unit Citation Award, and the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department Lifesaving Award.

Growing up, Mike credits his parents as being outstanding people.  “We did not have much growing up but they made sure my brother Bill and I had everything we needed.  They instilled upon me to respect others and that you would receive the same respect back.”  Mike played football from Little League through High School and still appreciates the sport today.  He also enjoys NASCAR and collecting Civil War Art from artist such as Mort Kunstler, John Paul Strain and Don Troiani.              

Mike resides in Winchester, Virginia with his wife, Adamarie.  He has three children and one grandson.

Please contact Mike at ‘MSeabright at fescosales.com.’

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