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It has always been about space! That was the case in 1986 when a HazMat captain stopped at a local convenience store for coffee on the way to start his next shift. He found himself standing in front of a Hackney delivery truck with coffee in hand staring into a cavernous compartment. He was amazed at the depth of the compartment and the amount of storage space. It was the solution the department had been looking for to transport the vast amount of equipment associated with hazardous materials response. A call was placed. A HazMat truck was built and delivered. And the rest is literally history.

Since those days, Hackney has become the leading manufacturer of emergency support vehicles (ESV) in North America. The scope of the products offered covers everything from rescues responding to medical emergencies and traffic accidents, to technical rescues that respond to collapsed buildings and other catastrophic events, to hazardous materials incidents, to the manufacturing of purified breathing air on-scene, to law enforcement tactical response teams and EOD responses, and all the way to mobile command and communications centers that provide interoperable communications and logistical support.

What makes a Hackney unique and why it has the most cubic foot storage capacity per body inch is the field-proven drop/pinch frame and integrated roll-up doors. The combination of these two unique features creates a body or trailer without an inch of wasted space. Hackney produces a myriad of emergency support vehicles. With over 65 years of body building experience, the Hackney team is more than capable of assisting the emergency services industry with developing an ESV specifically designed for your department’s mission-critical response, not something that was designed to serve someone else’s purposes.

Yes, it is about space. But, it is also about value and incredible durability, all of which comes standard with every Hackney.

Download the Hackney Emergency Vehicle Brochures:

Hackney-EV-Product-Catalog-Brochure-pdf-232x300 Hackney Emergency Vehicles
Hackney-EV-Severe-Duty-Brochure-pdf-232x300 Hackney Emergency Vehicles
Hackney-EV-Law-Enforcement-Brochure-pdf-233x300 Hackney Emergency Vehicles
Heavy Rescues

The core of the Hackney Heavy Rescue is the drop/pinch frame technology. Space typically unusable below the frame rails now becomes valuable storage. Heavy, bulky equipment is stored low to the ground and can be wheeled directly into the low-profile compartment available only on drop / pinch frame Hackney Rescue. Compartment configurations are more flexible resulting in quick and simple access to all inventory. Strength characteristics are actually increased upwards of 2.8 times the original frame rail rating.

  • 40” – 42” of compartment depth at the lower floor level, extending all the way to the top of the compartment.
  • Adjustable shelf tracks and LED compartment lighting are recessed into the side walls.
  • Shelves, trays, tool boards and bulk equipment are not impeded.
  • floor to ceiling slide-out tool boards accommodate heavy technical rescue equipment for fast and simple access
  • Over 850 cu. ft. of storage capacity, plus roof compartments – the most storage space available anywhere.
Light Rescues

You can pack a lot of equipment in a Hackney Light Rescue. Hackney’s innovative body design vastly increases the amount of usable storage capacity inside a given restricted cab-to-axle body dimension. The result is a larger cubic foot displacement by virtue of recessed door and shelf tracks and ability to provide taller compartments due to low-profile body design. The result – much more body for your investment with zero wasted space.

For even more storage capacity the R-Series body is available providing a recessed roof that provides a protected area for coffin-style storage compartments, ladders, and light tower.


HazMat response vehicles may vary in size and color, but their mission always involves mitigation and the requirement to transport a lot of bulky equipment. The low-to-ground floor height and 40” to 42” deep compartment floors facilitate storage of heavy and bulky equipment such as overpack drums, inflatable tents, and environmental systems.

HazMat trailers provide more than 1500 cu. ft. of storage capacity with the added benefit of short turning radius and low ground height. Equipment storage allows quick identification and retrieval. Models are available in equipment hauling configuration only or configurations with science labs and/or command centers. Also available are open rear interiors with integral ramp for transporting all-terrain vehicles or other wheeled equipment. Tractors are available in any conventional commercial models or Spartan customs with cab command center.

Command Units

Hackney Mobile Command and Communications vehicles provide the most current technological capabilities for enhanced interoperable communications and on-site networking. All integrated systems are custom designed and pre-programmed to sequentially start up all integrated components by activation of a single button. When the workstation monitors light up, the system is ready to begin operations.

  • Full communications, audio, and video integration services.
  • Systems include radio gateway systems for interoperable voice communication.
  • Wireless WiFi networks, satellite and/or 3G/4G connectivity for remote access to the internet for moving data, VoIP telephone calls, email, etc.
  • Redundant connectivity through VSAT, 3G/4G, WiFi or available external Ethernet or fiber optics connections.

Special Operations Response Teams typically require a lot of storage capacity to facilitate easy and safe access to critical specialized equipment and supplies. Whether for Technical Rescue or HazMat, tractor drawn trailers are the ideal solution, providing upwards of 1500+ cu. ft. of storage, yet at the same time affording a much shorter turning radius than chassis mounted bodies.

DSC_0036-150x150 Hackney Emergency Vehicles


  • Available in bumper pull or gooseneck.
  • Gooseneck models available with recessed roof for storage compartments, ladders, etc.


  • Single or tandem axle models
  • 14-20 side compartments provide up to 1500 cu. ft. of useable space


  • Single or tandem axle models
  • 14-20 side compartments; plus back compartment over bumper
  • Customizable by compartment width and configurations to meet needs of technical rescue, hazmat, or combined responses. Side and rear body roll-up doors with 82″ high x 43″ deep compartment, floor-to-ceiling.


  • Same as TR and TRR models, except features a full width rear tunnel (max = 14-ft deep) sectioned off for specified shoring panel and timbers storage.
  • Available with transverse belly compartments with two-way slide trays.


  • Low-profile, drop-deck trailer permits the entire interior to be open for use as a command, rehab, storage, or any combination required for the specific mission.
  • Rear drop-down ramp permits rolling equipment into and out of the interior, even accommodating all-terrain vehicles.


  • TU model features the full-width rear tunnel with drop-down ramp.
  • Lower transverse belly compartments for storage of long equipment.
  • Slide-out heavy-duty tool boards designed for vertical storage.
Air & Light

Hackney offers a variety of mobile breathing air refill solutions for SCBA and SCUBA. Systems are designed to deliver the performance requirements of our customers, whether conventional cascade fill stations with static storage or high-performance compressors capable of refilling 80+ one-hour 5000 psi bottles an hour and the newest Scott 5.5 cylinders.

Single to triple fill stations are available, depending on performance requirements.

With years of experience manufacturing high-performance mobile air trucks, Hackney has learned, based on OSHA and NFPA requirements for fire ground and hazardous materials site safety, that an active fire department should never purchase an air truck with a fill rate of less than 25 cfm performance. This size compressor will require an electric motor of not less than 15 hp, but preferably 20 hp. These are 3-phase motors and thus will require a 3-phase generator of approximately 40kw. Compressors of this size will typically never allow depletion of storage vessels using a 2 or 3 bottle fill station, thus always providing a full reserve of pure stored breathing air in case the air in the proximity of the air truck becomes contaminated.

Many air trucks serve multiple missions and can be integrated into heavy rescue bodies and trailers.

  • fixed and portable floodlighting
  • Fill Control Panels including Scott RevolveAir and single or dual SpaceSaver fill station
  • SCBA bottle storage
  • On-board air compressors
Re-Purposed Vehicles

Hackney will design a new apparatus utilizing your existing chassis and provide a current technology specialized emergency response apparatus. Often an existing apparatus body may be damaged, worn out or corroded beyond repair but the chassis drivetrain is still in good condition with low hours. This is a prime candidate for Hackney re-purposing.

Even with tight budgets it is possible to have a large capacity rescue for a small price. Bodies are inspected and re-certified with a new 10-warranty structural warranty. The cab will get new seats, interior trim and floor covering. Body refurbishment includes replacing all roll-up doors and door tracks with new, balanced doors and high-quality paint finish. When completed, many times it is difficult to tell the chassis has had a previous life.

Conversions can include:

  • choice of chassis with certified and warranted drop/pinch frame modifications
  • modification of the body to add needed configurations for accommodating firefighters or special equipment
  • installation of multiplexed electrical systems with NFPA 1901 compliant LED warning and compartments lights
  • PTO generator with light tower
  • Body-mounted floodlights and cord reels
  • Breathing air systems; and much more.
Beer Truck

You had to click on “Beer Truck” didn’t you!

Competitors attempt to belittle Hackney Emergency Vehicles with statements such as, “It’s just a Beer Truck.”

Well… we love beer at FESCO. And we love to point out that everyday in America, fleets of beverage trucks are packed to their maximum capacity with beer, Gatorade and every kind of beverage to restock our stores, shops and gas stations.

Every. Single. Day.

A Hackney beverage truck takes more abuse in a week of beverage deliveries than the typical fire truck takes in a month.

These trucks take a beating in both city and rural environments in all kinds of weather. The compartment doors get slammed all day, every day.

The roll-up doors are time-tested by the beverage industry. They just work. Slam’em shut and they continue to operate. The Hackney drop-pinch frame allows for deep, easy-to-access compartments that can each handle beer cases from bottom to top, or any equipment you choose to carry.

So grab a beer or the beverage of your choice, and take comfort knowing that a Hackney Emergency Vehicle can handle any job asked of it, every time you need it!

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